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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Dear Friends,

AIR is important in our life, without it, we can't live. Whatever we do, if we have difficulties of getting air on time, our mind will change into PANIC MODE and our body will be as hard as a rock. We couldn't focus, concentrate and our performance will affect greatly simply because our mind are PANIC.

In swimming, many swimmers won't know exactly how to regular air. They have their breathing rhythm work just simply by practicing and their body doing the self-adjustment. The question is how many of them can do their own self-adjustment?

For this time, I would like to talk about breathing... how breathing affects in our performance in swimming.

We have to know that there's a pressure difference in air and water. Air is compressible. For those of you don't know, do a simple experiment. Take a clear cup or glass and fill with water and have a straw on your hand. Now, block the top end with your finger and put the other "open" end of your straw in the water... see what happens? The water will get in a bit from the open end of the straw.

From this simple experiment, it proves you that when you put your face in the water, the water will get in a little to your nose especially.

The following are the useful tips for you to follow:

  • When you start to put your face in the water, release a little bit of your air once through your nose to block the water from entering your nose.

  • Your mouth should be closed whenever your face are in the water.

  • Whenever your face is down, try to hold your air or if you have difficulties just release bit by bit (not continuous) through your nose. This is because the more air in your body, the more buoy you are.

  • When you start to turn your face for air, you start to exhale either through your nose or both your mouth and nose. This is because by the time your face breaks the water surface, you have just release whatever air in your lung and the timing is just right for you to inhale. The other reason for you to do this is because there's also a pressure difference when you turn your face from the water to the air. Whenever there's a pressure difference, the water will get in your nose especially.

If you follow the tips above and do it with rhythm, you will be able to focus and keep your mind in RELAX MODE for a very long time. When your mind is not panic, your body is also not as hard as a rock. This will helps you to focus better and thus perform better especially when you learn a new skill.

Towards effortless and efficient swimming,

Giam Teck Choon

Last Modified: Wednesday, October 08, 2003

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