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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Please check here for the more popular questions, if you cannot find what you're looking for please feel free to contact me via completing the Contact Form.

  1. I Would like to know does the lessons include all the 4 strokes?

  2. Do you conduct lessons for the age of 3 or below?

  3. I could not find any course that suits my schedule.

  4. I would like to ask whether is there such a thing as a "natural nonswimmer" since I have tried and failed many times to learn swimming, even though my aims are very modest - I just want to complete one lap... Is it due to fear of water or fear of embarassment?

Last Modified: Wednesday, October 08, 2003

It includes all the strokes listed as below:

Long-Axis strokes - Freestyle and Backstroke
Short-Axis strokes - Butterfly and Breaststroke
Lifesaving strokes - Back and Side

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Currently I do not conduct group lessons for the age of 4 and below. If your child know how to swim a bit without any problem putting his/her head in the water then I will conduct individual lesson for your child.

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Contact me via completing the Contact Form and tell me what is your preferred time/day/venue. If you have 4 or more persons who are interested, then we can try to arrange for a suitable time/day/venue or maybe I can list it on the list of upcoming course(s).

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Everyone start from the same... NON-SWIMMER. There's no such thing as "natural non-swimmer" because it really takes effort, time and commitment to learn swimming or anything. Some of them may progress FASTER than the others but sooner or later you will get there (know how to swim).

Not to worry about your abilities on learning swimming... I am quite experience with those who are totally non-swimmer with/without DROWNING experience. I know how you feel... yes... EMBARASSMENT, FEAR, PANIC etc. Why? Most of the adults who approached me for help because they have problems with their breathing. Let me give you an example... You can swim with your head in the water and you hold your air... you did a few strokes then... HO... I need air but you scare of the water getting into your nose and mouth because you do not know on how to "regulate" your air... you start to PANIC... the more panic you are, the more easy for you to "drink" water and you lost your focus on whatever thing you are doing except getting AIR! Well, this is usually the case because everyone will panic if they do not know how to breathe effortlessly without letting your mind start to panic.

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